Ways To Contact NetEnt

By 23 January 2021

For any business to provide exceptional services, good customer service is essential. Characteristics of good customer service are the ability to answer customers' queries instantly. Here, we are going to see various ways customers can reach out to NetEnt studio. For those new to gambling, you can visit topnetent-casinos.eu to see some of their popular slots.


Why Contact NetEnt

There are two main NetEnt customers; casino houses and gamblers. NetEnt provides slots to casino houses where gamblers visit to play. An example of a popular casino house is the proiecte-constructii-case . To ensure they remain competitive in the market, they must ensure they support and satisfy both the final gamblers and casino houses.

Although customer service involves more resources such as time and money, it helps NetEnt to stand out from their competitors. With over a million customers, a good customer support has played a great role in maintaining their loyalty. Here, we are going to discuss different ways you can reach out to NetEnt customer support.

Use of Email

Emailing is one of the most popular ways to communicate between business and their customers. 95% of online customers prefer emailing to other forms of communication. Around 43.5% of customers across the world open their emails daily. NetEnt decided to utilize the capabilities of email by using it as the most common channel to reach their customer service.

When you visit the NetEnt site, there is a contact us page. You will find different departments under "area of interest". Those departments include Sales, Investor, Press, Work, Info, and Affiliate. All the department have their own unique email address. You will select the department depending on your area of interest, then shoot them an email.

Pros and Cons of Emailing

Email is free to send. A customer will not incur any expense when sending an email to NetEnt. All you need is to have a good internet connection. A customer can also send a prodigious amount of different materials, pictures, and documents. Email is also convenient since it will be stored until someone in the customer service depatment reads it.

However, using email to reach out to NetEnt has a fair share of challenges. Well, most of the time, customers need their issues to be solved instantly. Email does not guarantee instant feedback. There is also no auto-response system on their messaging. At times, customer support personnel might misinterpret a message and end up taking longer to assist a customer.

Use of Phone

NetEnt have a similar phone number (46 8 578 54 500) you can reach out to all departments. When you make a call, it goes to the central care center where you are then redirected to your desired department. The use of phones to reach out to NetEnt is convenient since you will receive instant feedback.

However, the use of the phone has got some challenges. The phone is subjected to different tariffs. It might be very costly for the customer in case you spend a lot of time on call. Another drawback phone calls are limited to working hours when you can find personnel in the call center.

Conclusion and Recommendations

As we wind up, you have seen two different ways you can reach out to NetEnt customer service. The use of email is convenient since it will be stored until someone reads it. You can also keep email records. In case you want instant feedback, you can reach out to them through the phone.

However, email and phone are not enough means to reach out to NetEnt. They can do better than that. What about live chat? In the current era, live chat can give a business a competitive advantage. Even a live chat bot can do wonders. NetEnt should upgrade their customer support if at all they need to keep pace with competitors.